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Mesa All Star Committee



1. Tournament Rules Shall be Governed by the Following:

A.  This is a non-seeded tournament

B. "Laws of the Game" as published by FIFA.

C.  Rules for 7v7 (2010 & 2009)  See PDF  ABOVE "RULES OF PLAY"

  • BUILD OUT LINE (2010 & 2009) 
  • NO HEADING (2010 & 2008) 
  • NO GK punting (2010 & 2009) 
  • OFF SIDES - The build out line will be used to assess where offside offenses can be punished

D.  Modifications as approved by CYSA -South.

E.  Special tournament rules as adopted by Mesa Soccer Association. (Off sides will be enforced).

F.  In case of conflict, these special rules shall prevail.

G.  Tournament game format is listed in Section 5.

2. General Requirements

A. Coaches (including assistant coaches giving instructions) and substitute players shall remain within the "Coaching Zone", the area ten yards each side of the half line, during the game. All other spectators will remain outside this area. At the conclusion of the game, please leave the sideline area immediately and move to a non-playing area away from the fields for after game discussions as another game will be starting and the sidelines need to be cleared for the on coming teams/spectators.

B. The home team is the team listed first on the schedule. The home team shall have choice of sides OR DEPENDING IF THE SITE REQUIRES COACHES ON ONE SIDE AND PARENTS ON THE OTHER SIDE. Teams may/shall be on opposite sides of the field. Home team shall provide 3 suitable game balls.
Please allow team sidelines to clear between games before situating your players on the sideline.

C. The home team shall be responsible for changing to an alternate color jersey  or training vests in the event of a conflict. All teams shall be responsible for having a game ball available at each game. Ball sizes shall be; Size 4 for 2010-2007, Size 4 for 2007-2005 Size 5.

D. Coaches shall be responsible for cleaning up their area after each game.

3. Players 

A. Only Recreational ("A") players shall be eligible to play in the Tournament.

B. CYSA or AYSO laminated 2018 player passes with the player's photo will be required of all players to be submitted at the start of the tournament.

C. Medical release forms will be required for all players at initial check-in.

D. One hour prior to the first game of the first day, the Coach Manager shall present to the Field Marshal with 2018 CYSA or AYSO laminated player card for each player. Only players listed on the Team Roster submitted at check in shall participate in the Tournament games. If any non-listed player is used in any game, that team shall be disqualified from the Tournament. The Field Marshal shall check players' identification and equipment 30 Minutes before the first game, then stamp the hand of each player as proof that he/she has been checked.

E. Each team shall present itself at the assigned field ten (10) minutes prior to game time and be ready to take the field immediately when it becomes vacant, so that the game will start on time.  The referee will check each player's stamped hand.

F. All players are required to wear shin guards at all times.

G. Hard Casts - The referee has final say on safety of each player's equipment. Shin guards are mandatory.  Hard casts are at the discretion of the referee. 

H. 2010 & 2009 teams shall have a maximum of 14 players on the roster with 7 on the field.  2008 & 2007 shall have a maximum of 16 players on the roster and will have 9 on the field.  2005 shall have a maximum of 18 players on the roster with 11 on the field. 

I. The minimum number of players required to start a game will be five (5) for Divisions 2010 & 2007 and seven (7) for 2005.

J. No player may compete in the tournament on more than one team, even if that team is eliminated.

4. Coaches

A. Coaches must have a current 2018 Administrator/Coach card.

B. An approved team administrator must be present for a game to continue if the coach is ejected from the game.

5. Games

A. Bracket games will be Indicated below in "E" regarding length as indicated on the respective loop schedule.

B. Referees will comply with FIFA rules and substitutions. Substitutions may be made at ANY stoppage (dead ball) ONLY with the permission of the referee. NOTE: Tournament referees may limit when substitutions may be made by specifying specific stoppages in play when substitutions can be made, NO DELIBERATE TIME WASTING!

C. All games shall be considered to have started at the scheduled time with a running clock. Any delay in start time, or delay of play, for any reason, shall be deducted from the time of the game involved, not from any following game. Games shall start as soon as possible after the scheduled start time as both teams can field at least the minimum number of players. Any team delaying the start of the game by more than five (5) minutes shall forfeit that game. If neither team is able to field the minimum number of players within the five (5) minutes, then both teams shall forfeit.

D. The top scoring teams at the conclusion of the games as indicated for the specific Loop will advance to the Semi finals or finals.  Brackets with wildcards are determined by the highest points depending on the number of teams in the bracket. Wildcards for brackets in which cross play is involved will play within their own bracket if 2 teams within that bracket are 1 of 4 wildcards. The purpose is to play a team not already played in pool play if possible, but will be determined at the discretion of the tournament director.

E.  Final Games will be regulation length for each age group.












7 v 7***


20 x 2

20 MIN x 2

25 MIN x 2




7 v 7***


20 x 2

20 MIN x 2

25 MIN x 2



DIV 4/U12

9 v 9


25 x 2

25 MIN x 2

25 MIN x 2



DIV 3/U14

11 v 11


25 x 2

25 MIN x 2

30 MIN x 2





A.  Semi Final games tied at end of play will go directly to FIFA penalty kicks.  Seeding of teams will be determined at the discretion of the tournament director.

B.  Final game tied at end of regulation play will go to two ten minute overtime halves. If game is tied at end of second overtime, play will go directly to FIFA penalty kicks.  Overtime play will begin with coin toss.

C. Running clock for all games.

D. Brackets with wildcards are determined by the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. highest points depending on the number of teams in the bracket.  Brackets of 4 will play within their own bracket. Brackets of 6 will cross play, with 3 teams in A bracket & 3 teams in B bracket respectively.  Seeding for Wildcards are at the discretion of the Director.

E. Team Standings from Pool Play will be determined by a 10-point system: 

    a. 6 points/win 

    b. 3 points/tie 

    c. 1 point/shut-out, including 0-0 ties 

    d. 1 point/goal (maximum 3 goals/game) 

    e. 0 points/loss 

    f. Minus 1 point/red card issued to player or coach 

 F. Ties Breaker - in Standings from Pool Play will be resolved as follows: 

    a. Winner of head-to-head competition 

    b. Goal differential (Goals scored, to a maximum of 3/game, minus goals against) 

    c. Goals against 

    d. Goals scored 

    e. FIFA penalty kicks, time and location determined by Tournament Director 

7.   Conduct and Disciplinary Actions 

A. Coaches shall be responsible for the conduct of their players, parents and fans on their sidelines. Players, coaches, parents and fans shall conduct themselves in a proper and respectful manner. Anyone smoking, using alcohol or drugs, yelling profanities or conducting themselves in a manner which the Referee or the Field Marshal deems inappropriate or an interference with the players shall be asked to leave. The Field Marshals and Referees shall have the final authority for the enforcement of this rule. Refusal to comply or repeated infractions may result in disqualification of the team. Noise makers (i.e. horns, cowbells, drums) are not permitted before, during or after games or teams may be disqualified.

B. If a player is ejected from a game for violent conduct or serious foul play, he or she will be ineligible to participate for the remainder of the Tournament and may not be replaced on the team roster. There will be a 1-point deduction. Should any protest be lodged, player eligibility will be decided by the tournament committee, whose decision shall be final. 

C. A coach who is ejected due to misconduct will be asked to leave the field immediately and will be required to sit out the next scheduled game and his team will receive a 1 point deduction. If there is no other team administrator to continue the game, the game will be recorded as a forfeit.

D.  If a player receives 2 yellow cards (or a red card that is not a serious foul) during a game, he or she will have to sit out the next scheduled game and will receive a 1-point deduction.

E.   Any team that deliberately breaks the Tournament Rules will be automatically disqualified from the tournament and will forfeit all games. The incident will be reported to the appropriate state affiliation. 

8.   Protests

A. No protests will be accepted. The referee's decision is final.

B. The referee's judgment with regard to the happenings and occurrences related to the conduct of the game, the physical condition of the field and it's acceptability for play and those prerogatives granted the referee by the "Laws of the Game" will not be challenged.

9.   Forfeits

Forfeit results in a 1-0 score and will receive 8 points.  If at the discretion of the Tournament Director a forfeit provides an unfair advantage, the Tournament Director may make an adjustment in the bracket.  If both teams fail to appear, each team will receive 0 points. Teams forfeiting their first game will be assumed to forfeit all of their games unless they contact tournament headquarters at least 3 hours prior to their subsequent games.  There are no refunds to teams who forfeit their own games. 

10.  Referees

a.    All referees are "USSF - certified"

b.    7 v 7 - Pool play for  2009 age brackets will have one assigned referee for pool games  & Semi-Finals.  Finals will have three assigned referees. 

c.    9 v 9 - Pool play for 2008-2007  age brackets will have three assigned referee for pool games, Semi-Finals & Finals. 
d.    All matches for 2006-2004 will have three assigned referees.

e.   The referee has final say on safety of each player's equipment. Shin guards are mandatory.  Hard casts at the discretion of the referee. 

f.   After the start of a match, it will be the decision of the referee whether or not playing conditions are safe or not. 

g.  Referees will make sure shirt and player name/number correspond with game roster or player will NOT play. 


Rain or other weather conditions during the Tournament shall not delay play unless the referee deems the field unsafe or city parks are closed.  In the event of inclement weather or unsuitable field conditions, games may: be shortened, go to FIFA penalty kicks or be cancelled. The Tournament committee will assess any reimbursements of fees for cancellation or forfeiture of the tournament or of any game due to adverse weather or field conditions.  

Refund Policy:

1. Cancellation of all matches - 100% refund less $175.00 administrative fee 

2. One match played - 60% refund after $175.00 administrative fee

3. Two matches played - 40% refund after $175.00 administrative fee

4. Three matches played - 0% refund. A match is defined as 50% (half time) completed

5.  No refund for any reason after the deadline.   


Rules May Be Modified Without Notice